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At the Orange County IV Lounge, powered by Anti-Fragility Health, our main goal is disease prevention and reversal, along with health optimization! We are passionate about equipping your body with everything it needs for optimal health and wellness.


At the Orange County IV Lounge we understand that the path to vitality and longevity requires a holistic approach. At the IV Lounge, we have a range of diagnostic systems, general and specialized IVs and boosters, as well as coaching services to ensure that you are equipped and empowered every step of the way.



The IV Lounge provides you with the maximum absorption of vitamins, hydration, minerals, supplements, and more – all in a spa-like setting.

We offer both general wellness IV and booster therapies as well as specialized IV and booster therapies to support every person on their health journey. General wellness therapies, perfect for those who take a proactive approach to their health, are prevention-focused and don’t require extensive diagnostics.

Lifestyle choices, chronic illness, aging, as well as various other factors all affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  Traditional methods of nutrient supplementation can sometimes be rendered ineffective by our gastrointestinal tract since stomach acids destroy, or lessen, the bioavailability of nutrients.

Specialized therapies on the other hand, require extensive diagnostics since they are designed to reverse chronic illnesses and/or optimize performance. Our IV Lounges are equipped with a full range of diagnostic services for those who are seeking a more personalized and in-depth approach to their healthcare needs. Our doctors, medical staff, and lifestyle architects do not disregard Western medicine, rather they are adept at bridging all health philosophies with integrative medicine to promote healing, prevent disease, and optimize your health and wellness.

By bypassing the GI Tract, IV Therapy delivers nutrients and minerals directly to your body’s system, where they are rapidly absorbed and put to work – all at 100% absorption into the bloodstream.


Our experienced lifestyle architects guide you on your journey toward a healthier and results-based lifestyle. Coming alongside you, they gather your history and biometrics and discuss your short-term and long-term goals.   They are trained to serve as catalysts of transformation for you to meet your health and wellness goals – mentally, emotionally, and physically.               

Whether you are trying to increase athletic performance, recovering from surgery, in need of pain management, looking to combat aging, or simply want to optimize your health, the OC IV Lounge has a range of IV solutions and boosters to fit your needs.

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Powered by Anti-Fragility Health

Anti-Fragility Health is an integrative medical clinic that is passionate about educating and equipping our patients so that they can make the best decisions about their health and wellness. We offer diagnostic services & treatments as well as coaching & support to help prevent and reverse chronic illnesses and to optimize your health for vitality and longevity.

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We are so passionate about helping people live long lives filled with energy and vitality! In today’s world, illness, exhaustion, and burnout are far more common than among people whose health is allowing them to enjoy life and we want to change that!