Immune Boost IV Therapy In Orange County


Immune Boost IV Therapy may be a fit for you.  If your immune system needs some support, whether to prevent the coming flu season or if you know you have put your body through some stress that can lower its immunity.


Immune Boost IV Therapy Orange County

If your immune system needs some support, whether it is to prevent the coming flu season, or if you know you have put your body through some stress that can lower its immunity, IV Lounge Immune Boost IV Therapy may be a fit for you. 

The Immune Boost therapy can help with the following:

  • Weakened immune systems 
  • Prevention of viruses and bacteria 
  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Dehydration from illnesses 
  • Improving energy levels 
  • Chronic stress 

What allows Immune Boost IV Therapy to help is the combination of ingredients. 

What Is In Immune Boost IV?

Vitamin C

Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is a powerful antioxidant that can help with preventing a wide range of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, eye diseases, and more! As an antioxidant, Vitamin C helps to fight against free radicals–unstable atoms that can cause damage to healthy cells and can even lead to DNA mutation or DNA damage, which is the underlying cause of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune disease.

Our bodies also need Vitamin C in order to create blood vessels, cartilage, collagen, muscles, and heal.  Vitamin C is also responsible for proper immune system function and the absorption of iron. This is why vitamin C is vital for those who are anemic or have any levels of iron deficiency. 

The heart is also benefited from Vitamin C. Several studies have found that people who took at least 700mg of Vitamin C each day over the course of ten years had a 25% lower risk of heart disease compared with those that did not. Vitamin C has also been shown to help lower the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood, help widen blood vessels for better blood flow, and keep plaque in the arteries from breaking off which can cause a blockage.

The risk of stroke is also lessened by Vitamin C. In a study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants with the highest levels of vitamin C were found to have a 42% lower risk of strokes compared to those who had lower levels. 

Mark Moyad, MD, MPH, of the University of Michigan even states that “higher blood levels of vitamin C may be the ideal nutrition marker for overall health.Unfortunately, our bodies do not create enough Vitamin C to fulfill their needs and it is also very sensitive to stress. Alcoholics, smokers, and those who are overweight tend to have the tendency to be depleted of Vitamin C first before any other nutrient. This is why replenishing Vitamin C every day is even more important.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 (also known as thiamine) is responsible for helping the body turn food (carbohydrates) into usable fuel (glucose) that the body can use to make energy. 

Stress is one of the factors that often leave the body prone to illness and thankfully, Vitamin B1 can strengthen the body’s ability to be resilient against stressful conditions. It does this by strengthening the walls of the digestive tract, which is where our digestive system lies. 

It also helps with the stress that we experience emotionally. Vitamin B1 is also known as the “morale vitamin.” Getting enough Vitamin B1 can have a positive effect on those who struggle with major depression and those who have stress-related mood swings from work. On top of its mood-regulating abilities, Vitamin B1 has also been shown to improve focus and memory!

For those who have diabetes, Vitamin B1 has a range of benefits from blood sugar regulation to helping alleviate other issues connected to diabetes. Studies have found that Vitamin  B1 can help improve high blood sugar and insulin levels while also normalizing cholesterol levels and triglycerides (a major form of fat in that body that in high levels can raise the risk for stroke, heart attack, and heart disease). For those who have nerve pain due to diabetes, Vitamin B1 can help to improve the level of pain and may lower the need for painkillers.

For those with infections, Vitamin B1 is essential to help prevent sepsis–the body’s deadly response to an infection that can result in tissue damage, organ failure, or death. When paired with Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 can help to reduce the effects of sepsis and decrease the risk of developing kidney failure from the infection. 

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin) is also what gives our body energy. It does this by breaking down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into energy that our body can use (called adenosine triphosphate ATP).

Many of our body’s processes require Vitamin B2. It is needed to develop the skin, digestive tract lining, and blood cells and for proper brain function. Unfortunately, teenagers, the elderly, pregnant women, and alcoholics have a higher risk of Vitamin B2 deficiency and cause them to be more susceptible to disease. Symptoms of deficiency can include sore throat, mouth ulcers, anemia, sensitivity to bright lights, dry skin, and cracked lips, just to name a few.

What makes Vitamin B2 most essential to the immune system is that it also has antioxidant properties that prevent inflammation. While inflammation is necessary for the short term to signal your body to send white blood cells to heal a cut or a wound, too much inflammation (chronic inflammation) can start attacking healthy tissues or organs instead.
Immune Boost IV Therapy

Vitamin B3 

Vitamin B3 (also known as niacin) is necessary for the body to function properly. One of the primary uses of Vitamin B3 is to help increase good cholesterol (HLD) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL). It also helps promote good circulation.

Our cognitive health also benefits from having Vitamin B3. Niacin is said to help protect brain cells from stress and damage, allowing for better memory. If Niacin is deficient, depression, headaches, memory loss, fatigue, and hallucinations can occur. Those who are most susceptible to deficiency are those who do not have access to a variety of foods, chronic alcoholics, and those who have carcinoid syndrome. 

When it comes to skin, Vitamin B3 helps to protect the skin from sun damage and discoloration that can occur due to aging. It also supports wound healing and gives the skin the ability to retain moisture. 

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 (also known as pyridoxine) is involved in almost 200 chemical reactions in the body and is vital for brain development, oxygen transport, and having a healthy nervous and immune system.  Immune Boost IV Therapy

Vitamin B6 is also responsible for creating neurotransmitters such as serotonin (the neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of happiness, maintaining your sleep-wake cycle, and controlling sexual desires) and dopamine (the neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of pleasure as part of a reward system). Aside from creating neurotransmitters, Vitamin B6 is also able to minimize the effects of stress on the brain. Animal studies have shown that B6 may be able to lower brain inflammation and prevent memory loss from meningitis. 

Those who are pregnant can also benefit from Vitamin B6 as it may help alleviate nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 (also known as cobalamin) allows for healthy nerve functioning, red blood formation, and DNA creation. It is beneficial for the body because it can help with energy, and memory, and for lowering the risk of heart disease.
Immune Boost IV Therapy

Red blood cells are what help bring oxygen from the lungs to every part of the body. Being key to the formation of red blood cells, Vitamin B12 ensures that the immune system can get the oxygen it needs to function properly. It also helps to prevent megaloblastic anemia which can cause fatigue and weakness.

Vitamin B12 like Vitamin B6 also takes part in serotonin production. When Vitamin B12 is deficient, the risk for depression increases. It also can result in memory loss or dementia in older adults. When given sufficient amounts, Vitamin B12 can help improve memory and support cognitive function. 

Those who are at the highest risk of B12 deficiency are the elderly, those with gastrointestinal disorders, those who have a strict vegan diet, and people who take metformin, just to name a few. If this is you, making sure to have sufficient levels is vital. 


While selenium is only required in small amounts by our bodies, it plays a huge role in many of our bodies’ processes including immune function, thyroid function, and more. 

Selenium also has antioxidant properties and can help lower inflammation. When the body isn’t fighting off so much inflammation, it strengthens the immune system. Selenium has also been found to increase the number of white blood cells that can help fight against infections and diseases.
Immune Boost IV Therapy

Our thyroids contain high levels of selenium. If there is a selenium deficiency, it can cause thyroid issues like Hashimoto’s Disease and Grave’s Disease. These diseases will cause antibodies to attack the thyroid gland, which leads to either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Proper selenium levels can help prevent thyroid issues, especially in women. 


This trace mineral (which means our body only needs small amounts of it) is necessary for up to 100 enzymes to carry out the chemical reactions necessary for our bodies. Zinc takes part in maintaining a healthy immune system, DNA creation, cell growth, creating proteins, and tissue healing. It is especially vital during growing stages such as childhood, adolescence, and pregnancy because it is necessary for cell growth and multiplication.

According to some studies, Zinc can help speed up the recovery of a cold and can even reduce how long and how severe the symptoms will be. Deficiency in Zinc can lower the effectiveness of the body’s ability to protect itself from disease, so ensuring the maintenance of proper levels is essential.
Immune Boost IV Therapy

As mentioned above, Zinc is required to create new cells. When we have a wound, Zinc helps to create cells necessary for it to repair the damaged cells and also helps to fight against inflammation caused by the wound. 

Who Can Benefit?

Immune Boost IV Therapy With such a variety of essential nutrients, is a great fit not only for those who are fighting off existing diseases but for those who also want to prevent them. It can be beneficial for those who want to:

  • Strengthen their immune system 
  • Lower their risks for chronic illnesses
  • Boost their energy
  • Improve their brain function 
  • Get healing support 
  • Recover from stress
  • Balance their mood 

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