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Our NAD+ booster therapy is a quick and easy way to fight back against aging and take charge of your body and your future. Not only is it a powerful anti-aging agent, but it also works to improve your mood, brain function, and immune system!

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Aging is an unavoidable process in each person’s lifecycle, however, this does not mean you should succumb to it without restraint / you should fall for it hook, line, and sinker/surrender without any qualms! Our NAD+ booster therapy is a quick and easy way to fight back against this process and take charge of your body and your future. Not only is it a powerful anti-aging agent, but it also works to improve your mood, brain function, and immune system!

Our NAD+ booster therapy can help with the following:

  • Recovery and cell repair
  • Brain cell protection
  • Production of anti-aging enzymes
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Immune function
  • Alertness & concentration
  • Anxiety & Mood
  • Memory
  • Metabolism

At the IV Lounge, we offer a wide variety of boosters for those who are either in-between IV Infusion treatments or for those who are looking for a quick alternativeOur booster treatments generally take no more than 5 minutes total and can provide a quick and easy way to take charge of your health and wellness during busy seasons.

 A booster is essentially a mini dose of the IV Infusion without the hydrating solution. Most boosters are administered via intramuscular injection (into the muscle) with one type administered via subcutaneous injection (under the skin).  Traditional methods of nutrient supplementation can sometimes be rendered ineffective by our gastrointestinal tract since stomach acids destroy, or lessen, the bioavailability of nutrients.

By bypassing the GI Tract, boosters deliver nutrients and minerals directly to the body’s system where they are rapidly absorbed and put to work – all at high absorption into the cells and bloodstream.

NAD+ Booster a routine?

Enjoy our boosters as part of your weekly or monthly routine. We make it so convenient for you that many patients like to take advantage of it on their lunch break!  You do not need to be ill to benefit – take charge of your health and take advantage of this effective tool for optimal well-being.

Our NAD+ booster therapy is administered via intramuscular injection (into the muscle) and is anywhere from 50MG to 150MG of NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Nucleotide). The exact amount will depend on the individual’s tolerance level and needs. We administer in-clinic and our patients can take them home as well.

NAD+ booster therapy (Nicotinamide Adenine Nucleotid)

NAD+, Nicotinamide Adenine Nucleotid, is an important coenzyme and “helper” molecule that creates energy in your system and regulates cellular processes (such as DNA repair). Commonly used by athletes for performance & endurance, it also shortens recovery time after injury.  It is a derivative of vitamin B3, Niacin, an essential vitamin within our bodies. NAD+ booster therapy plays a critical role in regulating your immune system and reducing inflammation and is often referred to as the oil that keeps your system operating properly.

 Absorption & Purity

 NAD+ is an electron transporter on the cellular level and a derivative of vitamin B3 (Niacin). Like many vitamins and minerals in our bodies, Niacin declines quite drastically with age. Not only do you need to increase supplementation accordingly, but you also need to ensure your body is actually absorbing that additional amount. More than other nutrients, NAD+ is particularly challenging to supplement since it becomes unstable when exposed to any amount of light, heat, and water (breaking down quickly when ingested).

Our NAD+ booster therapy provides from 50MG to 150MG of pharmaceutical-grade NAD+ in its purest form and is designed for maximal potency.

NAD+ Therapy Anti-Aging Capabilities

NAD+ carved a niche as the go-to of anti-aging treatments by its DNA repair abilities. Mitochondrial volume and function decline with age and in turn lower your antioxidant defense. Multiple aging symptoms and age-related diseases are the results. Our NAD+ booster treatment not only restores damaged DNA but can also protect the cells from further damage and thereby reverse the aging process.

Anxiety & Depression Support

NAD+ is a powerful treatment for anxiety, depression, and mental health disorders. Working to improve mental clarity and focus, NAD+ replenishes and balances neurotransmitters and releases chemicals that create calm, happy feelings and an elevated mood.

As an enzyme activator, NAD+ helps your body release Sirtuins (and other enzymes) that reduce inflammation and protect the brain from deterioration.

NAD+ Therapy Weight Loss Treatment

Since NAD+ is one of the main agents in our body’s conversion of food molecules into energy, it is also commonly used as a treatment for weight loss. Your body needs energy in order to burn fat, however as you age your metabolic processing slows, and as a result, you have lower fat burning rates – in both active and resting states. When you boost your levels of NAD+, your body has the energy it needs to increase its fat burning rate in the resting state and of course in the active state – enabling your exercise to be more effective.

Immune System Support & Chronic Illness Treatment

Our NAD+ booster works to improve your body’s immune ecosystem and also functions as an inflammation reducer.  Your body’s natural immune system utilizes NAD+ to fine-tune its immune response when inflammation is present and even goes so far as to assist your immune system’s antitumor T-cell response.

NAD+ is becoming increasingly recognized as a powerful instrument in treating a wide variety of chronic illnesses and diseases from chronic fatigue syndrome to fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. More recent studies are exploring its role in diabetes and cancer treatment.

With a myriad of benefits, NAD+ works synergistically with your body’s mitochondria to bring energy to the cells and leave you feeling energized and stimulated.

Who Can NAD+ Booster Therapy Benefit?

If you’re looking for a powerful anti-aging agent that can actively improve your mental focus, metabolism, and immune system, as well as treat various types of chronic illness, try our NAD+ booster therapy and experience the results you are looking for!

Our NAD+ booster therapy is beneficial to those who need help with:

  • Cellular repair & recovery
  • Mental focus & memory
  • Anxiety & Depression


  • Booster
  • Anti-aging
  • Energy
  • Athletes
  • Optimization
  • Beauty

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