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Plaque is a substance built of cholesterol, fats, calcium, and cellular waste. When it builds in our arteries it can cause the blood vessels to narrow, raising the risk of heart attack, stroke or heart failure. Our PlaqueX IV Therapy helps to remove and lower this hardened plaque build up in the arteries, improving blood flow and organ function!



PlaqueX IV Therapy helps remove and lower this hardened plaque buildup in the arteries, improving blood flow and organ function! Plaque is cholesterol, fats, calcium, and cellular waste. When it builds up in our arteries, it can cause the blood vessels to narrow, raising the risk of heart attack, stroke, or heart failure.

Our PlaqueX IV Therapy can help with the following conditions: 

  • Atherosclerosis (hardening of the vessels due to plaque)
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Poor circulation
  • Angina

Arteries are the blood vessels that bring oxygen-rich blood throughout the rest of the body. These blood vessels, when healthy, have a smooth inner lining called the endothelium. However, when plaque begins to build, the artery walls begin to thicken and harden.  It can eventually restrict the blood flow that the rest of the body needs to receive oxygen. Atherosclerosis is the hardening of the arteries. Although it is typically associated with aging, a few other risk factors include a family history of atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, a diet high in saturated fat, smoking, Type 1 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The most dangerous part about atherosclerosis is that there aren’t any symptoms until they block the artery and cut off the oxygen supply to the organs and tissues. Because arteries run throughout our whole body, the symptoms can vary depending on where the blockage occurs. For example, it can be chest pain or pressure closer to the heart. If it’s closer to the brain, you can experience numbness, slurred speech, vision loss in one eye, and drooping facial muscles. When this goes untreated, it can lead to a stroke.

If it happens near the arms or legs, you may experience leg pain or diminished blood pressure in the nearest limb. Finally, if it is in the arteries closer to the kidneys, it can lead to high blood pressure or kidney failure. The PlaqueX IV Therapy helps lower the risk of these potential complications by helping to prevent plaque buildup that can cause atherosclerosis. 


For those who have already experienced heart attacks or other heart problems, PlaqueX IV Therapy can be beneficial. The PlaqueX IV Therapy helps to clear out plaque, but it also helps the heart be more able to withstand stress. 

The PlaqueX IV Therapy helps lower LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood and triglycerides, a type of fat in your blood that can also lead to atherosclerosis. In addition, when triglycerides go down, HDL (good) cholesterol levels go up.


The PlaqueX IV Therapy is composed of two essential ingredients:


The PlaqueX star ingredient Phosphatidylcholine (PC for short) is in the cells of our bodies. Phosphatidylcholine makes up 70% of our cell membranes and the transport systems for cholesterol. Over time, however, the PC in our cells is damaged by toxins, free radicals, heavy metals, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high levels of stress hormones like cortisol. 

With our cell membranes losing their integrity due to the damages, LDL cholesterol can find its way into the bloodstream instead of being contained in the tissues where they belong. In the blood, they collect on the walls of the blood vessels and become another source of plaque development. Our bodies can produce enough PC to help repair the damage at younger ages. However, as we get older, it can’t create enough to keep up with the damage, which ultimately leads to tears and plaque deposits that lead to atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack, and kidney disease. 

PlaqueX removes plaque and fat deposits by activating an enzyme known as LCAT (Lecithin Acyl Cholesterol Transferase). LCAT turns cholesterol and other plaque deposits into an ester, allowing HDL to remove it from the bloodstream and through the liver. 


Dextrose, a type of sugar that typically comes from corn or wheat, is one of the most common IV solutions that provide your body with extra water and carbohydrates (from the sugar). Because it has almost the same composition as glucose, the sugar found in the bloodstream assists with the proper absorption of nutrients and provides an efficient energy source. Once the dextrose is absorbed, the remaining water and electrolytes become an isotonic solution (meaning it is appropriately balanced). Our PlaqueX IV, with a specialized amount of dextrose, works in conjunction with Phosphatidylcholine to create the right balance of nutrients in your system.


PlaqueX can clear clogged arteries and reduce depositions of plaque (soft and hard) in the blood vessels; it also lowers blood cholesterol and homocysteine levels. It is a helpful therapy for anyone looking for a stand-alone treatment to lower blood cholesterol, improve kidney function, improve cardiac function, and improve memory. Plaquex is also popularly used in integrated treatment programs for atherosclerosis

Plaque-X IV Therapy Is Good For:

  • Reduce high blood pressure 
  • Improve impaired liver and kidney function
  • Protect damaged heart muscle 
  • Improve blood flow 
  • Promote healthy cholesterol levels. 
  • Lower LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Increase HDL (good) cholesterol
  • Decrease inflammation 
  • Diminishing lipid peroxidation 
  • Lower plaque deposits
  • Boost immune response
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Positively influence atherosclerosis
  • Protect the gastric lining of the stomach
  • Improves symptoms of psoriasis
  • Functions as an anti-aging agent

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